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Prime Box is a production unit of LLC "TRIVITA"
LLC "TRIVITA" successfully operates in the market of chemical raw materials since 2006. The main activity of the company is the wholesale of high-quality polymer raw materials intended for various industries: hard and soft packaging, consumer goods production, household appliances, electronics, construction, pipe production and many others.

Areas of use of plastic packaging

Food industry
Ketchup, mayonnaise, sauces, seeds, vegetables, fruits, seafood, butter, putty, meat, pastry, dairy products, convenience foods, honey, paste, caviar, water, and much more
Chemical industry
Varnishes, paints, enamels, technical oils, reagents, alkalis, solvents, and others
Ready-made building mixtures, for carrying bulk materials, kneading mixtures, transporting by-products, and others
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+380 67 583 15 40
Manufacture: Ukraine, Dnipropetrovska oblast', Dnipro City, Budivel'nikiv str., 34
Sales office: Ukraine, Kyiv City, Vatslava Gavela str., 4, off. 305
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