Wholesale buying of plastic packaging

Glass or paper packaging has not been used in everyday life for a long time. It has been replaced by plastic packaging. It is convenient and economically advantageous. Among the main advantages of this type of packaging - light weight, variety of shapes and colors, reliability.

Plastic containers for honey are bought wholesale and used to protect products from external factors. Many companies and firms use containers for food delivery, transportation of raw materials and construction materials, storage of household chemicals or medical products.

For manufacturing of such packing in industrial volumes plastic is used is a compound of polymers of natural or synthetic origin. Company "Prime Box" offers to buy containers for honey wholesale on the official site.

Advantages of using plastic containers for products:

  • Beautiful appearance;
  • Prolongation of food safety;
  • Plastic honey container for honey wholesale is protected from mechanical damage during transportation;
  • Affordable price and economic benefit;
  • Sealed product packaging prevents product leakage;
  • Transparent packaging makes the product more attractive at the time of sale.

What types of packaging do we provide?

You will find many interesting offers and multifunctional products in our shop's product range. We sell buckets and plastic containers wholesale in Kiyv, as well as deliver to other cities in Ukraine.

What kind of packaging is in the company's catalog?

  • Clear/White/ Colorful buckets, capacity 1.1 liters;
  • Clear/White/Colorful buckets, capacity 2.25 liters;
  • Clear/White/ Colorful buckets, capacity 3.3 litre;
  • Clear/White/Colorful buckets, capacity 5.5 liters;
  • Clear/White/Colorful buckets, capacity 11.3 liters;
  • White and colorful buckets, capacity 21 liters;
  • Clear/white/colorful buckets, capacity 21 litres.

Why choose us?

  • The firm has been operating since 2010, which allowed us to form a trusting relationship with customers, gathering an impressively large base of regular wholesale buyers.
  • We use quality materials for container manufacturing. This provides a guarantee on each product item presented on the site.
  • Production technologies make it possible to supply durable products to consumers. Each container is an opportunity to save money and preserve the natural value of any food products. We pay considerable attention to details during the production of honey buckets and containers. The firm invests in improving the technology and productivity of the packaging process.
  • Our employees regularly improve their skills; We focus on an impeccable end result.
  • You can record all the conditions for receiving plastic containers for products in wholesale and delivery time of the order in the contract concluded with the manager of the company.
  • We deliver the order without delay intact.
  • We draw up an official contract with the client and work legally.
  • Our products are hypoallergenic and safe for food products.
  • It is possible to use several times, and if necessary - to issue at us the order with large party of similar production;
  • They are quality certified and meet all requirements. So you can forget about worries about marriage, factory error and other unpleasant details.

How to buy plastic packaging?

You can buy plastic containers for food products in bulk at an affordable price in our online store or official representative. Production of "Prime Box" is located in Dnipro, and the main sales office in Kiev. To buy plastic containers from the manufacturer you need to use a car or public transport. At the entrance to the office there are pass turnstiles, so you should contact the administration by phone: +380 67 583 15 40. Our employee will meet you and guide you.

If it is not possible to arrive in person, you can make an order on the company's website. To do this, send an e-mail to: or fill out the form with your name, phone number and e-mail. We will contact you and answer all your questions.
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